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Real estate valuation

Our team of qualified experts accompanies you in the precise and reliable valuation of your real estate properties or companies. We operate across the entire national territory, overseas, and in Monaco.


Drawing representing a representation of a financial institution

Mortgage Assessment

Our team works closely with financial institutions and credit intermediaries to accurately assess the value of assets used as collateral to obtain loans. We are committed to respecting mortgage lending guidelines, ensuring a transparent and compliant process.

Drawing representing a representation of a transfer of assets

Heritage Expertise

During key moments of life such as inheritances, donations, divorces or divisions, we support you to precisely determine the value of your real estate. Our expertise plays an essential role in these delicate situations, enabling fair resolutions based on professional assessments.

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Professional Assessment

For professionals, we offer essential support in the valuation of assets and rights related to commercial transactions. Whether it's assessing rental value, leasehold rights, commercial properties, or business assets, we provide our expertise for accurate and objective valuations.





Valuation of business assets and lease rights, brand valuation, dismemberment, etc.

Estimation of eviction compensation, expropriation, loss of enjoyment, operation, sunlight etc.

Determination of rental value by comparison and by effort rate.

Company Regulated by RICS

The Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) is an international, independent and self-regulated professional organization.


It brings together all professionals in the real estate and construction sector (bankers, developers, surveyors, economists, consultants, investors, asset managers, appraisers, etc.) whose aim is to act in the public interest through use of standards, good practices and respect for a code of ethics and professional conduct.

As a “regulated” company, Frerault Expertises uses this designation which indicates to the market that our company:

  • Adheres to internationally recognized standards of practice.

  • Demonstrates ethical conduct, integrity and honesty in his actions.

  • Possesses the necessary qualifications to perform the required tasks.

  • Manages conflicts of interest transparently and fairly.

  • Handles complaints and disputes fairly.

This indicates to potential clients that they can trust us to provide high quality services.

Logo of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors
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